Ivory; a heart of gold and a pure soul
Embers; a glowing fragment that continues to burn after a fire has no more flames

Just a hot sec, I know there is a universe of insanely talented photographers out there, so you being here and taking the time to check out me and my work makes my heart so stinking full, so thank you!

My name is Kim Doiron, aka KDo! A thirty-something proud dog mom (-shoutout to all the fur parents!) & a wife to a big hearted-craft beer lovin’-tattooed-bearded man.
I have an insanely close connection with my family, & confess that my mom is truly my bestfriend. Our photo album collection is epiiiiiiic. I mean we have boxes & albums everywhere stuffed full of wondrous fragments of time. - I believe they call this foreshadowing?
To be honest…I do have one big regret in my life, & that is not collecting more. Honestly.
I recently lost my father to cancer, and it’s pains me daily, but dammit i am so lucky to have the boxes & albums I do so that i can reminisce at all those amazing times we had together.
With a glass of Shiraz in hand, fresh popcorn in a bowl, & some indie cover tunes in the background, I reflect back to all my thirty something years I was so blessed to share with him, that i was a part of a him. I am forever grateful for those photos.
Life is WAY too short. It’s not cliche, it’s so dang true. So really, my advice to you, take as many photos as you can, collect those moments like wildfire, & hold on to those burning embers for life!
- this is why I strongly urge you to invest in your photos to enjoy for an eternity.

I believe that my photographs and their nostalgia are like Lays Salt & Vinegar chips…the ULTIMATE PAIRED ADDICTION! That's why I strive for a pallet of flavors by capturing all the details of your day. You know when the thought of S&V chips immediately gives you a mouth watering sensation? I promise to give you that same sensory overload each and every time you view your album!
A reminder of the warmth of that day, the scents that lingered in the air and on your skin, the gentle breeze that brushed your neck, all the nose crinkles and giggles, & that joyous feeling as you twirled on the ground beneath your feet. Everlasting.

So lets be laid back, get cozy, have some fun, & preserve these stories for you!

Langley, BC is home
but I will fold myself into a backseat or luggage
to go anywhere you want to take me!

Visit the Contact page, drop me a line, ask me anything, & lets grab your favorite drink and chat!

Some finer details about Me:

  • Lipstick/chap-stick & top knot obsessed!

  • Lover of 80/90s movies & music, outings with good people, the gym, sarcasm & spirits of the craft beer and wine variety!

  • Tattoo collector with a great appreciation for art in any form

  • Polish is in my dna; hence Pierogi Obsessed!

  • Mom to Cooper, an 11y/o pom-dachshund pooch. If you have a pet…uh ya please bring them along!

  • I grew up in Chilliwack B.C.right on the river & immediately fell in love with the outdoors, biking the back-roads, and getting dirty. i crave being close to water, also 'cause I’m an Aquarius!

  • Adventuring is my jam! *roadtrips are always a HECK YES for me!